Hi Patreons!

At last, I have managed to set up the order forms for your Tier Rewards. I am currently going through giving the website a complete overhaul, so the pages are temporary but functional. However, if you experience any difficulty please send in a ticket via the GMD online help desk.

So let’s get started. In Tier order here are your Tier Rewards. All rewards are in addition to any offers or promotional rewards advertised. So if you need anything for your own games or tabletop games this is a great opportunity to obtain what you require.

If you can see the Button use it!

The rewards below will be dependant on your Tier of Support.

[ppp_patron_only level=”1″]

GMD Products Page Access

GMD Comics Access

Add your character to our Miniature Range


[ppp_patron_only level=”5″]

GMD PDF Access

GMD Comic PDF / CBR Files Access

GMD Portrait Commission Page


[ppp_patron_only level=”15″]

GM Draeus’s VTT Products

NWN2 House Design

Coming Soon…

Create a member of the Starguard

Miniature Design

Use the form in Adventurers Tier. I will contact you regarding where to send your miniature.

GMD Music Access


[ppp_patron_only level=”30″]

GM Workshop Access

GMD Pre-Gen Character Access

NWN2 Keep Order Pages

Coming Soon…

Villain Creation Page

GMD Figure Flat / Token Creation

Order your own Comic Title and Theme

RPC Access Request

GMD Music Theme Request


[ppp_patron_only level=”100″]

Pre-Existing Book Order Form

GMD Encounters / NPCs

NWN2 Island Request

Coming Soon…

1-2-1 GM Workshop Access Page


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