Character Background

Hails from elarsa where is was trained as a soldier to protect those who need his protection.

NAME Orien

RACE / ROLE: Hērōs / Defender

Character Description: He is a through-and-through soldier protecting the people he is with wherever he can, always trying to stall the enemies so others can escape all the while taking a lot of the hits and the pain without flinching.


Orien’s Intelligence: D4: Not very bright

Orien’s Strength: D10 Very Strong

How Agile Orien is: D6: Average

Orien’s Resistance to Pain: D8: Above Average

How Charming Orien is:  D4: Not Liked at All

Orien’s Combat Training:  D10: Hoplite Training

How Perceptive Orien is: D6: Average

How Stealthy Orien is:  D4: Not at All!


D8 in Fighting, Shield, Notice

Characters Fear: Letting down the people he is protecting.

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