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Welcome Oracle

I have put this page together to make finding your rewards easier.

I will also link all your forms and links to resources available to you as a GMD Patreon.

I will also include all rewards to lower Tiers so you do not have to visit their pages to obtain the rewards. 

This is your one place portal. 

If you wish to discuss anything at all please use one of the contact facilities below.

The Welcome Pack Contains:

  • Access to the GMD Web Portal
  • Access to Patreon Oracle Discord Channel
  • Access to Patreon Dedicated Discord Channels
  • Digital Tokens to Download
  • Digital Figure Flats to Download
  • All available Digital artwork by GMD Online Artists
  • A Copy of the CORE RPG PDF

Link your Patreon Account with Discord

  • Gain access to Oracle Channel
  • Gain access to Patreon only channels
  • Join the GMD Online Community

Tokens Access

  • Access to CORE RPG Tokens to Download
  • Access to Standard Tokens to Download

GMD Online Artwork

  • Download Beautiful artwork by GMD Online Artists
  • Joseph Knight, Daniel Harper & Sarah Harper


  • Download your FREE copy of the CORE RPG

Feel free to contact us on the following platforms.







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