Onslaught – Available June 2022

Onslaught is a competitive Card & Dice Game for 2+ player

You are an inter-dimensional Celestial Entity, participating in a deadly game of life & death set across the Multiverse of the Nexus, a collection of worlds both wondrous and mysterious. Your journey has taken you across time & space through the CORE Worlds to recruit Champions and an arsenal of tricks to help conquer your opponents, in a deadly game of Celestial power. Victor takes dominion over the territory being contested. Do you have what it takes to expand your domain?

Aim of the game!

Defeat your opponent’s Champions before they defeat yours! The first player to no longer have Champions on the Battlefield loses.

Utilizing our Pegasus Engine Mechanics we bring you the Interdimensional Battle game where you pitch your Champions against your opponents.

Choose from 20 Champions spanning from across the CORE Worlds!

  • Each Pack contains all cards a single-player required to play.
  • One pack per player is needed
  • The game can be played by multi-players at one time for a mammoth game.
  • This is just the beginning! Expansion Packs in development…

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