One Ring to rule them all…

Middle Earth D&D 5th Ed.


I have discovered this…

GMD Online will be snatching up these bad boys and a campaign will appear in 2019!!

Read the review over at RPG Net HERE

I already run a Savage Worlds Adventure, But I think GMD Online will find a GM to run these campaigns for the community too.

Although I personally prefer Savage Worlds over D&D, I have grown up with D&D and MERP, having the two combined in 5th Ed is just too tempting. I have not given 5th edition my all  and not really  put any passion into it. But this could give me the nudge required to fuel the D&D spark!

*Sigh* I will have to read the rules properly so that I can put to bed all the rules quoting that D&D attracts! 

So 2019 is looking very nice indeed!

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