Once Upon A Dream

Setting: LoR – Steam Age


Interface: Fantasy Grounds 2

Coms: Discord

Length of Event: Ongoing Campaign

Frequency of Play: Once a Fortnight

Start Time: 8pm UK Time

End time: 10:30pm UK Time

Western Characters from the Once Upon a Steam CORE World

Welcome to Once Upon a Steam…

It is the Steam Age of the lands of LoR The old Gods have faded to myth and legend, as prospectors make their way out West into the lands of Peridor. Hoping to carve a living out of the land and the promise of gold that flows through it’s rivers. But the land is wrought with dangers as these lands used to belong to the Du-Annon an ancient race of elves who have not taken kindly to the incursion into their sacred woods. For it has been sometime since men have been seen in this part of the world, always keeping North of the Black Stone Mountains near the mighty city of Metropolis, dominating the North Western Coast. A Bastion against the minions of the Snow Witch who still plagues the Northern Ice Kingdoms of Rhana. Men who were driven out of their lands and slaughtered hundred of years ago.

Long is the memory of the Du-Annon, their hatred runs deep, their hatred of the old gods and their creation… Mankind. But since the lands of Peridor are lawless, bands of outlaws, roaming beasts and the victims of such atrocities the Pale Riders, Undead bandits, that seek revenge against the living. Travelling through such lands have called for wagon guard and bounty hunters alike to pour into the south to seek their fortune of blood money.

You are all part of a colonial wagon train heading South through the Lands of Peridor towards the Mining Territories of Shalna, either as passengers of noblemen, dancers, gamblers, prospectors,steam inventor, doctor or as one of the painted ladies, a saloon girl. A mix of races…Or as a Bounty Hunter or hired gun slinger to protect the wagons.

All is going well as you are a few days out of Nestor travelling the prairies of Peridor when you hear the haunting horns of the Pale Riders as the dead ride their rotten horses down the slopes towards your Wagons!

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