Character Background

Okira enjoyed a peaceful early life; she grew up loved within a happy family. She was educated, well-mannered and well versed in starship systems. She began working in a Polarian shipyard where is where she met Jareth, her mate. He was dashing, handsome, clever – everything a well-brought up La-zar could hope for. But beyond the surface, Jareth had a secret – he was a big gambler! Eventually his gambling debts were so great that he’d gone on the run. Okira had no clue what was happening but was caught up in the events. The mob bosses lackey’s found her first and she ended up spending weeks being questioned, threatened and beaten despite her not knowing Jareth’s whereabouts. Eventually she started fighting back, learning quickly how to twist out of their grasp & use her opponents weight against them. She learned that she had to be tough to survive & in so doing gained the respect of the mob boss, who gave her the opportunity to work off Jareth’s debt by doing ‘small’ jobs for him. These jobs would involve anything from fixing ships and/ or vehicles, to helping out with crimes such as robbery and organised ‘hits’ to even working on the inside as an informant & spy. Once the debt was paid off however, she had become such an asset that the mob boss didn’t want to let her go … she knew she had to escape, and after what seemed an age of planning, on working the other lackey’s to get them right where she wanted, she managed to do so. Afterwards she knew she’d have to disappear; to lose herself in the vastness of space and that’s just what she did – she adopted different names and worked several crews until she found herself aboard the Diomedes.

NAME Okira

RANK Chief

DEPARTMENT Engineering

RACE / ROLE: La-Zar / Engineer

Character Description: Okira’s scales are a dark shade of purple. She is quite diminutive in size, and almost delicate looking. For the most part she acts sweet & demure but internally she is quite the savage. Killing for her is as much an art form as is engineering. She sharpens her claws daily – she tells the crew it’s to help her get into small spaces for fine dexterous work but that’s just a ruse. She’s practiced using her small frame & adopts a wide eyed expression to help disarm her enemies. For the most part she is loyal & friendly to those whom treat her respectfully but she can hold a grudge for a very long time.


Okiras Intelligence: D6: Average

Okiras Strength: D6: Average

How Agile Okira is: D8: Above Average

Okiras Resistance to Pain: D6: Average

How Charming Okira is: D6: Average

Okiras Combat Training: D6: Taken classes

How Perceptive Okira is: D6: Average

How Stealthy Okira is: D6: Average

Character Worst Fear: Being found / facing Jareth

Skills at D8: Dodge, Endurance, Engineering

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