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NWN2 GMD Server

GMD Online NWN2 server


Krendal has had facelift!

  • Bridges have been fixed
  • Boat is now boardable
  • Existing quests have been added
  • Stores have been linked

To Follow

  • New Quests!
  • Placeables added to populate the town
  • NPCs added to bring town alive
  • Town auto transitions to surrounding countryside to be fixed
  • Vegetation to be added
  • Texturing to be slightly altered

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments below.  I will try to accommodate as much as possible as long as it is in the spirit of the server.

I plan to open the server for Beta Testing Mid October. 

To accomplish this the following is required!

  • All surrounding areas to be completed
  • Quests added
  • Deed Quests fixed
  • More Stores added
  • Tablua Rasa completed
  • Delphi Island Completed
  • Dock / Lougaine / Shalna areas started!

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