NWN2: A GMD 3D Gaming Table!


GMD NWN2 Server coming soon!

Campaign to be run in 3D Software

I have decided to try out NWN2 as a 3D gaming table. I have created areas to use as a base for the groups campaign. I will be adding new areas as the campaign grows.

What to expect?

  • Full in depth story
  • Immersive sand box world ready to explore
  • Dungeons
  • Encounters both random and plot orientated
  • Each character is still expected to create a background, which any NPCs mentioned within, including family or loved ones or even enemies, will be added to the Server to be interacted with.
  • Full DM control of the campaign just like any other RPG, be it table top or Fantasy Grounds.
  • Team Speak for comms
  • Real time combat
  • And much more…

What rules are we using?

We will be using D&D 3.5 (ish) rules.

How do I join?

Watch out for spaces becoming available on the games calendar as normal. Once tests have been successful more groups may be opened…

What the world will look like:


screen shot 3

screen shot 4

Screen shot 1

Screen Shot 2

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