Night of the Vengeful Dead

The hour is late and you arrive finally at the sleepy hamlet of Willows Down.

You were told to seek a Merchant, by the name of Almon, he has a remedy to cure Lady Eleanas, Daughter. As a matter of urgency, the travel has been good, after all the Kings Guard patrol these parts, and bandits are nowhere to be seen.

However, the hour is late when you arrive and the night is cold, a fog begins to descend on the village and the wilderness surrounding the Village of Willows Down is deathly silent…

6 Players wanted to play in this 1 night only Fantasy Adventure… Can you survive until the end of the game?

Join me on Tuesday 25th for this one-off Halloween special! Pre-Gens will be provided and no software is needed… just play in your browser! No experience is needed I will teach you all!

Games System: Pegasus Engine (No knowledge is required you will be taught all!)

Genre: Fantasy

Comms: Discord

Requirements: Headset and push to talk

How to sign up?

  • Head over to my Discord and into the gmd-games-signups channel
  • There you will find an advert for the game with how many spaces have been filled.
  • Click on the accepted Button and you are in.
  • Easy as that.

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