Nexus Online

This page will evolve over time as NEXUS Online takes off.

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## Welcome Avatar

## What is Nexus Online?
## It is a Discord Role-Playing/Board Game. You will navigate the digital world with your Avatar collecting heroes to accompany you on your Quests. You earn rewards which can Be spent in the Nexus Mall… The Nexus will have many portals to different worlds and locations over the course of time, be careful not to get lost! There will also be hidden locations with nice rewards to find…

## Note: Nexus is not automated so please allow GMD time to fit your actions in.

## How to perform Actions.
## Choose from available emojis and wait to be tagged. By selecting the emoji from the list provided you will signify an Admin that you request access to another location within the nexus… You are then announced as entering a location, a new Discord channel will become available to you at the bottom of the left list of channels. Nexus channels are always at the bottom of the channels.

## When does the game take place?
## The game takes place whenever suits you. You simply spend a couple of second clicking on an emoji or answering questions that you are tagged in.

## How does Combat Work?
## When entering Dungeons, Raids, Campaigns, Quick Quests etc… if a location has combat taking place, you will simply copy and paste the Dice Code appropriate to your action (These will be detailed in the entrance text, all you need to do once copy and pasted, is change the Dice value to match your Statistic Dice Value).
## An Admin will tag you with the results and your Avatar Icon will be updated to reflect any damage taken etc…

## What Rewards are there?
## The rewards are Shards, the main Nexus currency. Collect these Shards and spend them in the Nexus Stores dotted across the Nexus Worlds. You may also trade Shards with other players too.
## There are many different types of Shards:

  • Coloured Shards – Used to purchase a variety of items or pay to access restricted areas, There are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple Shards… You can buy higher colour shards at the Nexus Stores. These can be used to purchase other Shards, Appearance Shards, for changing, colour, race, pose, for customising your Avatars look.
  • Characters Shards – Character Shards can be found as treasure drops or purchased at certain Store Locations throughout the Nexus, By collecting them allow ou to unlock heroes and improve them over time.
  • Statistic Shards – These shards rewards can be used to improve your statistics, you need specific shards to improve specific statistics.
  • Power Shards – These shards provide your character with abilities to use on your travels.
  • NRG Shards – These are used to activate abilities.
  • Gear Shards – These are shards that can be used to purchase Gear Cards and Upgrade them.

## New Shards will be added over the course of time as the Nexus is expanded and developed.

## What is the Future for the Nexus Online?
## I plan at some point in the distant future to start and develop an app that you can use to play the Nexus in 3D rather than text. I do plan in the immediate future to start adding Images etc to help show what the areas look like and maybe a battle map to show what and who is in the areas.

## So dive straight in! Create your character now Avatar!

You will need to choose a Role, Each Role has a bonus over another role.

The NEXUS Online is strictly Patreon only and so will the games associated with it!

Create your NEXUS Online Avatar

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