What is Nexus Online

Nexus Online is a Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game using the GMD CORE RPG Rules. It will be using Foundry VTT/Sandbox as its interface. GM Draeus will host the quests and players can drop in and out as they see fit. All Players take on the role of Avatars who are slain Champions by minions of the Horror who are reborn into a shell-less life form both in search of identity and a chance for payback. All heroes are immortal, once they perish in the Nexus they respawn back in the Nexus Lobby Respawn Points. But there is a cost!

Players create an Avatar in accordance with the COR RPG rules. But they only use the following steps:

  • Step 2 – Choose a Role
  • Step 3 – Note NRG
  • Step 4 – Note Health & Delirium
  • Characters then receive a dagger as a weapon.

The character can then upgrade their character by spending Shards. See Shards below

Playing Nexus Online

Once your character has been created you can then start your quests.

You will first appear in the Nexus Lobby at the Respawn Point. From here you will be able to explore the Nexus Lobby which will have shops, hospitals, etc… This will expand over time.

Then you can go on quests by speaking to Non-Plyer Characters (NPC’s) or simply explore the multi-verse by going through active Portals to the CORE Worlds and beyond!

The Nexus is not automated and it is purely run by myself as the Nexus Games Master as a Table-top RPG but using Foundry VTT directly in your browser. You will roll dice from your character sheet as per the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG Rules.

To play Nexus Online, you will need a copy of the CORE RPG rules. No knowledge of the rules will be necessary as GM Draeus will guide you through them. But the books will be needed for Actions etc to perform.

These can be purchased from our Shop or downloaded for FREE from 5 XP as a GMD Online Member.

Cost of Death

Whenever an Avatar is slain in Nexus Online, they appear back in the Nexus Lobby at a respawn point. They then suffer a Level 10 Hindrance which is reduced at a rate of 1 Level per turn.

Red Shards

Red Shards are the main currency to purchase items for your character. They are also used to enter portals to restricted locations.

Earn Red Shards By:

  • Logging in into GMD Online daily
  • Purchase from Store
  • Defeating Enemies, or as part of the treasure found in the BattleWorld.

Orange Shards

Orange Shards are Character Development Shards that are used purely to develop your Character.

Each Shard is worth 1 CDP.

Earn Red Shards By:

  • Purchase from Store
  • Completing Tasks

Yellow Shards

Yellow Shards are crafting resources. To craft your own Gear or customize existing gear with boosts.

Earn Red Shards By:

  • Purchase from Store
  • Found hidden throughout the CORE Worlds

Green Shards

Green Shards are used to purchase ‘Skins’ Skins are races that the character can be.

A character may change their skin by visiting the Med Bay for plastic Surgery but once changed, the old skin is lost forever.

Earn Red Shards By:

  • Purchase from Store
  • Completing Tasks

Blue Shards

Blue Shards are Sidekick Shards. These are used to purchase sidekicks to join your character across the CORE Worlds.

Sidekicks are existing CORE Characters, Each Existing Character has its own individual Shards, but Blue Shards can be used for any Sidekick.

Earn Red Shards By:

  • Purchase from Store
  • Completing Special Events, Raids, Blitzes, Campaigns, and Found in Battleworld.

Purple Shards

Purple Shards are premium shards that can be used to obtain unique items or converted to 100 other Shards of choice, or mixed shards of choice.

Earn Red Shards By:

  • Completing Special Events
  • Purchase from Store

How to Sign Up?

To sign up and get started, you will need to join the GMD Online Discord Server where we have a dedicated channel to Nexus. Here you can check when the next launch times and dates are (As a GMD Member you will be able to request launch via the XP Chart)

Here is the Discord Link: https://discord.gg/VnnANJX

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