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Monday May 13, 2019 19:00 to 01:32 BST

Like most people, you’ve probably had the sense — at least once — that things were not right with the world
and that not everything was as it seemed. You’ve felt that sinister truths hid behind a façade of normality, veiled partially by the rational, orderly “natural laws” we call science. And when night falls, when the shadows grow long and the wind whistles through the trees, you shudder and remember the truths of your ancestors, who were right to fear the dark.

You’ve just entered the World of Darkness, a world very much like our own, save that the shadows hide very real monsters (though most people fool themselves into believing it isn’t so).

In Promethean the Created, one of the settings within the World of Darkness, you tell the story of some of these monsters, monsters created from the corpses of dead humans, reanimated through various means, be it mad science or even shamanistic rituals. They can shrug off terrible injuries, they age extremely slowly, and they have a variety of inhuman abilities. Nevertheless, the Prometheans fear many things, from the burning touch of fire, to the ostracism caused by their condition. They also fear the failure of their one true goal: to become mortal and gain a soul.

Choose from the following characters:
Alex – a man formed of clay much like the Jewish Gollum, Alex is a technophile and uses his superior knowledge & skill with technology to aid the group.
Kelly – Created through the same process that once resurrected the mighty Osiris, Kelly is a real estate mogul driven by Faith.
Linda – Hailing from a line of Muses that date back to the infamous statue made by Pygmalion, Linda uses her powers of seduction to get what she wants.
Mickey – Created in a manner similar to that used by Doctor Frankenstein, Mickey is a skilled boxer but you better watch out for his temper!
Naomi – Another Osiris type Created, Naomi however is a volunteer doctor driven by her charitable nature.
Peter – is a creature born in a body torn apart by spirits and animated by the ectoplasm left in the wounds. Peter is a conspiracy theorist seeking to find a way to live without being detected by the global powers that control humanity.

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Game Details

Interface: ROLL 20

Rules: Chronicles of Darkness


This campaign is being run using Roll 20 interface.

Players will need a Roll 20 account to play .. don’t worry it’s free! But please sign up prior to game start to avoid any delay.

The GM will give a full ROLL 20 tutorial during the game, New players welcome.