New Character Build System Play Test

With the development of CORE RPG v2.0 the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG. We have been exploring some new rules to add and update existing rules too.

Last night we took advantage of some time to test out a new style of Character Generation which is fast, really fast, and with no mathematics involved! In the space of an hour, the players managed to create two characters each and do some combat tests too…

All in all, after some fantastic feedback I think we may have an updated Character building system that replaces the spending of 150 CDP. This of course requires a little more testing and further investigation into a few rules to make sure it stays in line with the CORE system.

CDP will still remain to develop the character during gameplay as written in the CORE RPG with a few more options available too!

So with the new 5 steps added to the character creation players were able to build well-rounded characters that they felt were not lacking compared to the 150 CDP build.

I also had to add some Character Creation caps as during the few years of CORE we have never had characters go over D12 during Character Creation so I put a D12 cap to reflect this.

Is there something you would like to see updated or added then why not let me know on Discord or Facebook or even send me an e-mail?
Check out the contact details on our website at

When is the Pegasus Engine Due?

I do not want to rush the development but it is practically ready I just want to do some more playtests with the new Power Purchasing rules before progressing onwards.

The other hurdle I am currently trying to get over is the design of the book. I am going to maintain the Colour coding of CORE and include some more icons etc, The artwork will remain heavy throughout the book. But I want to make it easier to read and quicker to learn. A few players skim-read the book and got confused, which they said made more sense when they actually read the book cover to cover. I take all feedback seriously and try to eradicate these situations. Not always possible, but I like to give it a try. If someone has spent the time to read something I have created, then I should take the time to listen to their feedback. Only fair right?

I plan to release the Pegasus Engine within the AAE Guide Kickstarter Next Month!

The AAE Guide has been ready to release for 6 months now but I didn’t want to release another book before the PEgasus Engine. Although the CORE books are compatible, there are some changes that will affect the AAE Guide and I want them to be included to minimize customer purchases as our vision is to produce an affordable and professional-looking book that is not updated so often.

To echo this anyone who has the CORE PDF will automatically be able to update to the Pegasus Engine PDF for free too.

As for printed products I cannot afford to give that away for FREE but I will but giving all existing customers a hefty discount! Just to help cover the printing costs.

Postage abroad outside the UK is being organized, I have just purchased a plugin for or site that calculates the international postage, I will be updating all the stock so that you will be paying less for postage!

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