New Campaign: Erinyes of Olympos

All new Fantasy Supers Campaign starting!

The Lands of Rheas [LoR] need heroes!

Opening to Non-Premium Members in 2 weeks if spaces available.

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Tuesday June 19, 2018 19:00 to 22:30 BST

From the ruins of a war-torn world, hero’s rise to protect the Lands of Rhea from a rising Darkness. But when good becomes extraordinary evil become diabolical! It will take a different kind of hero to bring hope back to the world…

Comms: Discord
Channel: GMD FG2 Voice

Interface: Fantasy Grounds 2
Log in details will be given out on Teamspeak prior to game start.

Ruleset: Savage Worlds
Genre / Setting: Fantasy / Supers


6 Spaces available.. Please choose a hero from the following List:

  1. Autonomon: Daidalos an genius inventor who has invented a flying suit Icarus Mk1 which can also shoot beams of fire.
  2. Eurtyus: Armed with the Bow of Apollo, his Archery skills are unmatched, Apollo’s Bow can change arrows to the will of it’s user to provide a variety of different attacks
  3. Brontes: A son of Manius King of the Gods, Brontes is the thunder god and wields Steropes one of the Lightning bolts forged by the cyclopes.
  4. Captain Olympos: Prince Olymphion a disgraced son of Titos of Elarsus the warrior nation. Undertaking an experiment by Daidalos is empowered with strength, speed and agility unmatched by any Hoplite! Olymphion believes in the old gods and Athena teh protector. He fights his enemies armed only with the Adamantium Aegis of Athena.
  5. Thumos: Bannos a philosopher and astronomer who becomes a creature of pure and utter destruction when he goes into a berserk rage.
  6.  Arachne: Nara a Nymph from the forest of Koranthos looses her memory and is trained to be a master assassin. But when the cult that train her for their own agenda turn on her and beat her to an inch of her life, she vows vengeance upon them to bring them down once an for all…

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