MVP: Wild Cards – Strike Force Shantipole Issue 5

The wildcards deal with the officer quickly as possible. Demolitions are set throughout the base except below ground… Cpt Zandro and Archer descend to deal with the bombs in the lower levels… When out of nowhere a couple of patrolling stormtroopers stumble across the rest of the group.. the alarm is set and a race to get of the asteroid starts… Pollard with a host of Verpine assist, while Zandro and Archer face off with Glek and a host of techs in a desperate close quarters blaster fight… The last detonite is places and the Archer and Zandro climb into the B-Wing that Glek was loading onto a repulsor lift. Using the lift to rise up into the hanger bay above they see a lot of stormtroopers and plan their escape

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: NOQUARTER

3rd Place: RICH

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