MVP: Wild Cards – Strike Force Shantipole Issue 3

The Wild Cards find themselves picked up by the Verpine fleet. Taken to the bridge with Commander Ackbar the Party lean that the Verpines decide to join the rebellion. But first they need to escape the clutches of the Empire.

A desperate plan is decided upon to creep onto the Verpines main base and to attempt to destroy the plans to the prototypes and the main engineering workshops, to prevent their hard work falling into the hands of Imperial specialists.

Careful planning is made with a few technical difficulties due to internet issues etc… the team finally devise a dastardly and cunning plan.

Climbing into Verpine unarmed hoppers they prepare to launch and head out towards the Asteroid. What could possibly go wrong?

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER

2nd Place: RICH


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