MVP: Wild Cards – Strike Force Shantipole Issue 2

Tasked with the mission of delivering an encoded data-stick to Commander Ackbar. With the instructions of extracting Commander Ackbar and the prototype B-Wings to a secure Hyperspace location provided.

The Stormtroopers attack is relentless and unforgiving. The party is forced back to the command centre where the Blast doors are sealed. But a concussion blast knocks out the security cams.  The rebels decide to sneak their way to the lifepods.  But as they do so they turn a corners right into a squadron of Stormtroopers.. Pollard rushes the StormTroopers giving the party time to evacuate.. The chase is on! Stormtroopers hot on their tail they race through the Verpine corridors attempting to evade Imperial squadrons.

Finally making it to the Life Pods the party blast out into the asteroid field… only to get caught in a tractor beam!!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER


3rd Place: CHAD

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