MVP: Wild Cards – Strike Force Shantipole Issue 1

Tasked with the mission of delivering an encoded data-stick to Commander Ackbar. With the instructions of extracting Commander Ackbar and the prototype B-Wings to a secure Hyperspace location provided. The team first battle their way through a Tie Fighter patrol and navigate their way through a dense Asteroid Field. Greeted by the Verpine who start to make repairs to their vessel, the team are confronted by Lt. Salin Glek a Quarren. Salin and Archer clash heads attempting to intimidate the other. Lt Pollard steps in and ushers away the Verpine and escorts the Wild Cards to the Command Centre. Meeting with Ackbar and watching the encoded message from Mon Mothma the rebels are instructed to return with the B-wings and to locate the Imperial informant at the rebel base.

Eric and Kara take turns revealing to Lt Pollard their secret investigation to locate a spy, much to the disapproval of Cpt Zandro.

As the team are investigating and Kara is attempting to locate Salin who has disappeared… An Imperial Assault Shuttle attacks the base!

Ackbar and Eric attempt to extract the Prototype data before the Stormtroopers arrive, Chalu codes a hyperspace route to the Rendezvous and Qira starts to make bombs.

Stormtroopers then start to storm the Asteroid base and face off against Pollard, Zandro and Archer who attempt to keep them at bay.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER


3rd Place: RICH

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