MVP: Wild Cards Episode 4

This adventure has now been officially converted to the Starfall CORE World.

After Reebo and KH-X10N deal with BX-2R leaving him behind to guard the garage, they descend further into the base to join Draglen and Valarass.

Valarass overhears a guard talking about a prisoner. The team decided to investigate and heads towards the detention area. Dispatching the guard they free Ghost Moon a Vrokian Sniper for the Resistance. Telling his tale how he was flying a low-pass recompense mission he crash-landed and only yesterday was found by scouts and imprisoned.

Arming Ghost Moon they head towards the armoury to arm themselves prior to taing the command centre. They find the Armoury under guard by Saurian Marines, a fire fight breaks out and they soon dispatch the marines.

Reebo convinces the command centre, who were attemoting to contact the guards about the weapons fire, that it was just a malfunction and everything is under control here…

Stocking up on arms they descend further into the base and prepare to storm the guarded command centre.

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: TIKI

3RD Place: BYRON

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