MVP: Wild Cards Episode 2

Valaras suffering from his wounds, taken with the battle against the Stormtroopers mans the shields, While Reebok takes the helm and KH-X10N sits in the co-pilot’s chair. Draglen jumps into the old clapped out turret, and the Wild Cards burst out of the Asteroid Base into the thick of the Asteroid field.

Pursued by Tie’s while Star Destroyer rces across space in an attempt to cut the rebels off from making it to the Rendezvous.

After some fancy flying and ace shots, the Tie’s are dealt with and the rebels manage to escape.

Meeting up with the fleet the Wildcards get patched up and attempt to look for missing friends. With more and more ships arriving it is hard to know who made it and who did not.

Given a mission to goto Orderon and to shut down an Imperial Base and signal the fleet when it is safe to arrive, the Wild Cards prepare to leave…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: BYRON

2nd Place: TIKI


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