MVP: Wild Cards Episode 17

Wild Cards is a black ops squadron for the Colonial resistance fighting in a war against oppression in the Saurian confederacy region of space.

Together the United Colonies & The Union of Free Worlds are trying to break free from Saurian Confederacy draconian rule.  A war has broken out across Saurian space with which they fight hard to keep. But times are changing.

The resistance is a ragtag fleet of rebel fighters seeking justice. Polarian Alliance has refused to take sides and often send peace envoys to try and broker peace between the warring factions.

One such fleet fights on the edge of Colonial, Union and Confederate space…

The Cast

  • Reebo Sloon– Human, Tactician, Leader of the Wild Cards Black Ops Squadron
  • Axel – Vorokian, Keeper of KH-X10N, who was imprisoned and rescued from the Venta Run.
  • Valaras Thull– Human, Defender. Pilot and shields expert. Loves to get up close and personal with his Vibro-Maul.
  • Kade Kiox– Polarian, Enhancer.  Combat Medic.
  • Ottokan – Cyborg, Ranged. Sniper.

The hunt for the tracking device begins! Time is against them as the Saurian Fleet could drop out of Starfall at any time. The resistance fighters are not able to return to fleet command until they are confident they do not reveal their base to the Saurian fleet.

Equipped with high-tech probing devices they begin to do a sweep of the Venus and the Venta Run. A task that could potentially take days! Especially when they only have hours before they could be discovered!

Everywhere they looked revealed negative results. Until Axel made his way to Medbay…

Speaking to Dr Sarah they learned that the Black File patient on board the Venta Run was a female Saurian in a bad shape and heavily sedated. Performing an in-depth scan they discovered a tracking device in her leg and removed it.

The team decided to revive her for questioning, and although she was in pain she told them she was an ex-special forces operative. Jassica had refused to carry out a hit on a Polarian Diplomat which would have brought the Polarians into the war. She was incarcerated by Captain Nissezz and beaten to an inch of her life and thrown into the prisoner camps on Zelteth, that was as far as she remembered. She asked for asylum and in return would offer valuable tactical information to the resistance.

After talks with Commander Laike they arranged a meeting with Counsellor Illissa and Jassica under guard. Jassica was horrified to hear that her world’s representative was also imprisoned by Captain Nissezz and please for Asylum, she also tells the commander that she knows detailed tactical operational secrets put in place by Sector Governor Overseer Hordisstaan.

Reebo rigs up a plan to send the tracker in a damaged fighter remotely in a different direction to throw the Saurians off their trail.

At last, they return to Onderon to fleet command, where they discover friends who were missing after their asteroid base was destroyed by the Saurian Fleet. Fleet command interrogated and negotiated asylum details with Jassica and Councillor Illissa. They also agreed to escort Polarian Delegate Olinara back to Polarian space.

A reward ceremony was held and the WildCards received medals of valor…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: WARCOLYTE

2nd Place: BYRON


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