MVP: Wild Cards Episode 16

Wild Cards is a black ops squadron for the Colonial resistance fighting in a war against oppression in the Saurian confederacy region of space.

Together the United Colonies & The Union of Free Worlds are trying to break free from Saurian Confederacy draconian rule.  A war has broken out across Saurian space with which they fight hard to keep. But times are changing.

The resistance is a ragtag fleet of rebel fighters seeking justice. Polarian Alliance has refused to take sides and often send peace envoys to try and broker peace between the warring factions.

One such fleet fights on the edge of Colonial, Union and Confederate space…

The Cast

  • Reebo Sloon– Human, Tactician, Leader of the Wild Cards Black Ops Squadron
  • Axel – Vorokian, Keepr of KH-X10N, who was imprissoned and rescued from teh Venta Run.
  • Valaras Thull– Human, Defender. Pilot and shields expert. Loves to get up close and personal with his Vibro-Maul.
  • Kade Kiox– Polarian, Enhancer.  Combat Medic.
  • Ottokan – Cyborg, Ranged. Sniper.

Crippled the Venus limps through space… The Docking bay doors close and the remaining team members land heavily on the deck floor… Lt. Reebo takes count of his team and sees three are missing, Draglen, KH, and Kade! Checking coms, only Kade responds as Valaras and Ottakon attempt to open the turbo lift doors to return to the main upper decks. A search and rescue ship is launched and soon located Kade and the bodies of Draglen and KH.

Managing to get the lift doors open they see power is out to this part of the ship, the shaft is twisted and damaged and they start to climb their way up. AS they get close to the top they notice that the hull is twisted and melted and warm to the touch. But the exit doors are buckled closed. They hear crew on the other side, sooner with the help of a rescue team they escape the shaft only to find that the area is in chaos… Small fires burn and gasses leak from destroyed pipes and wires hang dangerously and spark. Medical teams are helping the injured and dragging the corpses of many marines who lay nearby an obvious attempt to join the Wildcards in their battle. Joining Axel, who tells them of the plight faced here as a missile detonated taking out the area in its destructive wake. He says the team is lucky to be alive…

Charging to the bridge to give the captain a piece of their mind, what they see there is similar chaos, the bridge was also hit. Medical teams are tending to the injured, Commander Laike with a chunk of metal protruding from her leg staggers still trying to keep order. Reebo assists her command as the team helps restore order to the ship and spool up the Starfall Drives ready for a jump before the Saurains find them again.

Commander Laike orders the team to locate the tracker the Saurians are using to locate them.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: WOADAN


3RD Place: BYRON

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