MVP: Wild Cards Episode 15

Wild Cards is a black ops squadron for the Colonial resistance fighting in a war against oppression in the Saurian confederacy region of space.

Together the United Colonies & The Union of Free Worlds are trying to break free from Saurian Confederacy draconian rule.  A war has broken out across Saurian space with which they fight hard to keep. But times are changing.

The resistance is a ragtag fleet of rebel fighters seeking justice. Polarian Alliance has refused to take sides and often send peace envoys to try and broker peace between the warring factions.

One such fleet fights on the edge of Colonial, Union and Confederate space…

The Cast

  • Reebo Sloon– Human, Tactician, Leader of the Wild Cards Black Ops Squadron
  • KH-X10N– Robot, Agitator, Comms expert. Found on a scrap heap with no memory of his past. But Robots are mistrusted in this region of the galaxy and are to be restrained at all times, X10N is not restrained…
  • Draglen – Cyborg, Scrapper. Limbs replaced due to losing them in the war against the Saurians.
  • Valaras Thull– Human, Defender. Pilot and shields expert. Loves to get up close and personal with his Vibro-Maul.
  • Kade Kiox– Polarian, Enhancer.  Combat Medic.
  • Ottokan – Cyborg, Ranged. Sniper.

Escaping from the clutches of the Saurian Confederacy the Resistance jumps to safety. Unknown to them a landing party of Saurians managed to board the vessel too!

The Wild Cards race to engage the saurians. A mighty battle takes place against Saurian Shock Troops. Eventually, they are dealt with when the resistance high command opened the airlock sucking them out into deep space.

But the Wild Cards suffered heavily with the death of Draglan and KH…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: BYRON



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