MVP: Warhammer – Through the Drakwald Session 8

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Having broke up the cult of the purple hand the party splits up, Gottri and Baradin stay and guard the barrels of warpstone dust and the chaos book and the rest head out to bring back the watch commander, they soon find the city in chaos with mutants made form the well water running around and help some people who are affected by it. However they are soon arrested for been suspected chaos worshipers and are betrayed by Claus Libernitz who they thought they could trust and are thrown into the cells beneath the Temple of Ulric, Gottri and Baradin go looking for there friends but are soon also arrested. They soon break out of the cell and find one of the witchhunters that have been helping them also imprisoned and they quickly escape with him back to the Sigmar Temple. Wearner Slotz the high preist askes for there aid in proving that one of the witch hunters who has been also imprisoned of his innocence and are sent to a inn where he was last to get proof.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER


3rd Place: HREFN

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