MVP: Warhammer – Through the Drakwald Session 4

After the events of the stolen sigmar icon the party have a much needed rest at the dragons fire inn in middenheim, soon after resting they are asked to go speak to Father Ranulf at the temple of Ulric. upon arrival they are asked to escort a Father Odo into the Drakwald to retrieve a amulet of Khorne from a Khorne shrine deep in the forest as it holds a unholy power inside and must be destroyed, they venture into the forest and are soon set upon by a pack of beastman and the party receives help from a woodelf and the foul things are soon dispatched, they ask the woodelf to join there party to help with the amulet. they arrive at the shrine to be confronted by a minotaur but soon kill it and venture into the shrine.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER


3rd Place: HREFN

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