MVP: Warhammer – Through the Drakwald Session 2

After burying the Priest in the pit trap after he died the group carrys on escorting the refugees to Middleheim, upon resting that night the group becomes warry of Granny Moser the towns healer, Urditane keeps watch on her and sees a black Raven leave her wagon and upon investigating the wagon finds Granny gone, one of the orphans in granny’s charge says shes been upset after they went past Farndorf and said something about her father been killed there and what use was power if you did not use it, the group puts two and two together and heads out to find granny near Farndorf. After 2 hours of walking around in the dark the party finds Granny invoking a dark ritual and been protected by four wolves the group dispatch the wolves and stop Granny from summoning a deamon into the word for her revenge and she goes into a catatonic state and days a few days later from grief, the party bring the refugees to the safety of Middleheim, what awaits them in this vast city….

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: NOQUARTER


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