MVP: Warhammer – Through the Drakwald Session 10

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After the aftermath of the trial the party are asked by Father Ranulf to get rid of the brass skull which is inside a magic protected chest, they are asked to take to a bright wizard in the Middenheims collage, they soon arrive and find his study where Zwistein soon finds the skull, not in the chest but the head of the surprise witness . The party soon put 2 and 2 together and rush back to the palace to confront Libernitz but he is not there, he has gone back to the Temple of Ulric, they wake Schutsman the city watch commander and tell him that Libernitz is in league with Chaos, he takes some time to believe them and the party cannot wait around so tell him to meet them at the Temple. they soon arrive and find strange lights inside and decide to rush the place, after a bitter battle they overcome the cultists but the demon still comes into the real world and after a short battle Gottri lands the killing blow. soon after Libernitz in his dying breath says there are 2 more parts to the amulet and the world will drown in blood.

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: NOQUARTER

3rd Place: HREFN

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