MVP: Starguard – Weir Part 4


The Starguard continue with their investigations on Weir. Prophet learns of the pirate Galon and his location. Blink eager to face Morgan Den, teams up with Guardian to locate Morgan Den. After facing off with some of Den’s thugs they learn of where Den is hiding out. Thunder and Mechy investigate the crime scene inside the Hospital and start to unravel clues regarding Dr Sion. Prophet joins Blink and Guardian to face off with Morgan Den, who turns out to be a night club owner. Morgan Den gives them confirmation that Galon was selling the medical supplies on Weir and where to find him. The Starguard finally start to gather together ready to face Galon and his pirate gang.


Karma Gained: 1 Point for Mechy creating a device to assist the hospital.

But who won MVP for this intense session?


1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: NOQUARTER

3RD Place: EUSI

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