MVP: Starguard – Weir Part 2


Still deep into their investigations on Weir, regarding the Pirate activities. The heroes become increasingly concerned for the welfare of the Weir citizens. But a sudden call to the hospital as an ever increasing horde of Ragers begin to gather near the facility and a reported power outage from the Hospitals Generators, bring the heroes to join Thunder in the hospital. The heroes meet with Dr Sion. But something feels amiss, especially when powers fail to work.. Thunder heads down to the infirmary to aid the nurses with caring for the injured. Mechy heads down to help engineers fix the generator. Tiroth and Guardian head to stop a group of Ragers that have broken into the lower levels. While Blink researches the Dr on the hospitals computers. Before long Blink discovers that the Dr seems to be up to some sort of experiment. Armed with this new information he races to confront the DR. Suddenly the whole team discover have been tricked. Thunder has used her power to heal some sort of apparition, while Mechy fixed the creatures incubator, Tiroth & Guardian find out they have not been fighting Ragers but actually hospital staff. Blink finds that they have all been in the basement all along, and believes that they have been injected with something. Suddenly with their powers operational, the mocking voice of the Dr telling them that they will not live long as they are used as a test for the apparition. Battle ensures! with Blink trying to disable the incubator while the team tries to keep it occupied!

Karma uses:

Karma used: None

Good Karma Gained: None

But who won MVP for this intense session?


1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: EUSI


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