MVP: Starguard – Weir Part 1


After arriving on Weir and meeting up with the security chief. It becomes apparent that Weir is suffering not only from some form of medical epidemic, but is in poverty. The weather is harsh and unwelcoming. The team start their investigations with the security chief. Learning that their questions need either professional answers or a bit of leg work to learn who is behind the theft of the medical supplies, the team split up. Sgt Tiroth and Blink interrogate the pirate prisoners and learn that Galon, the pirate leader, is working for someone known as Morgan Den. Thunder heads to the Medical Facility and finds herself rescuing citizens and security from a enraged mob of citizens. Mechy speaks to Captain Egan Tel and researches possible leads to where the medical supplies may be stored. Mechy uncovers a trail to a property agent. Blink heads into the city and soon finds a gang of drug dealers to battle. Tiroth joins Mechy and heads into the Property Agents to get answers.

Karma uses:

Karma used: None

Good Karma Gained: None

But who won MVP for this intense session?


1st Place: EUSI


3RD Place: RICH

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