MVP: Starguard – Waystation 567 Part 4


The rescue operation overseen by Commodore Quantum continues to proceed to plan. Whilst the team loads up the various capsules with the bio experiments subjects within, Sensors picks up nearby bio signs trapped deeper within the slums district. Employing the help from one of the survivors, a loader lifter operator, the team finds a couple of starguard recruits trapped. one unconscious the other trapped beneath a ton of collapse starbase ceiling. All the time the walls threatening to collapse about them. Arclight cuts Blink free from the wreckage while Quantum protects the trapped operative within a force bubble. suddenly the slums district begins to break apart. The team races through the collapsing station and vacate before becoming trapped themselves. With the enforcer back to being fully operational the comms begins to receive messages. One which is Code Black for the attention of Quantum. After reading the message. Quantum sends a team of Starguard to retrieve Security footage to locate missing recruits and to learn what happened to the station. While the team, led by Sgt. Tiroth, are investigating the cause of the wreckage and searching for the recruits. The enforcer suddenly leaves the system.

Karma uses:

 No Karma used in this session.

1 Good Karma Gained for Retrieving the Capsules from the med bay in the Slums district… Reducing the Bad Karma by 1

1 Good Karma gained for rescuing the civilians of Waystation 567… Reducing the Bad Karma by 1

But who won MVP for this intense session?


1st Place: GOFFICK

2nd Place: KOKOPELLI


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