MVP: Starguard – Waystation 567 Part 3


The new Starguard recruits charge into the Polarian Freedom Fighters terrorists attempting to save as many civilians as possible from the murderous PFF Militia. Blink in a  blur whizzes among the enemy snatching away their weapons. Prophet uses his Telekinesis to engage in hand to hand. Guardian jumps into the fray tearing up scenery twat away the enemy. Mechy using his stun gun assists the team and leads the charge. Cannon stays with the La-Zar delegate to ensure his safety. Thalna using her force field, protects citizens and starts to attend to their wounds with Scarlet assisting. late to arrive into the combat Chameleon provides much needed assistance.  Felon Kaine announces his plot to blow the station up along with the La-zar delegate. Blink notices Felon Kaine run off into the Slums District and goes off in search of him with Chameleon hot on his tail. Prophet and Guardian arrest the remaining PFF Terrorists while Thalna and Mechy disarm the remaining bombs. At this point all the power to the station goes out and gravity is lost. As some sort of Ionization surges through the station. Then the station begins to shake violently. Thalna makes her way to the view port and sees a large planetoid size chunk of rock about to slam into the station. Just as she warns those near her, the station tears apart and everything goes black for our heroes.

Karma uses:

 Good Karma pool all used up on extra actions and power tricks.

1 Good Karma Gained for Thalna protecting civilians from the PFF with the use of her Force Field.

1 Good Karma lost and converted to bad Karma due to Blink executing Felon Kaine instead of bringing him to justice.

But who won MVP for this intense session?


1st Place: RICH


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