MVP: Starguard – Waystation 567 part 2


This session jumped back to before the Enforcers arrival at Waystation 567. New recruits sent on a mission to Waystation 567 ahead of Commodore Quantum’s arrival. Protect the La-Zar delegate until the Polarian Diplomatic representative Neon arrived. Also flush out rumors of a known Polarian Terrorist aboard the Waystation. The team got to work immediately. Finding and defusing a bomb in the diplomatic suit. Learning rumors of the Polarian Freedom Fighters Leader, Kaine, is actually aboard the station. The team get to work in trying to locate him. But before they can spring into action. The PFF start shooting innocents in The Trade District. Forcing the Starguard to intervene before hundreds of innocents are murdered. But who stood out in this session of Starguard?


1st Place: GOFFICK


3rd Place: RICH

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