MVP: Starguard – Session 18th August 2016

After negotiating with the Yuu-Maa Gal Tec corporation, the Starguard received an experimental engine fuel to field test. After discovering perhaps the Krai were attempting to get hold of the new plans for a faster interceptor engine the Starguard decided to go after the Krai Gunship in an attempt to test out the new fuel. En-route they received a call from President Talimara requesting them to meet with the La-Zar diplomat. Neon was tasked to negotiate and see what can be done to prevent the La-Zar from leaving the Polarian alliance. Changing heading for Waystation to meet with the delegate. Magnetism investigates a strange signal sent by the krai bots to the store hold on board the Enforcer. Finding an abandoned communicator Magnetism disables it and takes it for further examination. Arriving at the Waystatoin the ship lost all power in some sort of Ion storm. After bringing sensors back on line they discovered the station in pieces scattered across the area. After scanning the wreckage a large section exploded with over 300 bio signs on. Sending 2 chunks hurtling through space. 1 towards the security section and another towards the enforcer. Engineering is furiously working on bringing the engines back to life while some of the team climb into vac suits to attempt to stop the wreckage. To be continued…

Starguard 160816


2nd Place: MAGNETISM

3rd Place: EUSI

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