MVP: Starguard – Pirate Storm Part 1


After receiving a distress call from a merchant vessel the Star Comet, The starguard to the rescue! Blink engages the Pirate fighters using a starguard guardian class Starfighter, after taking a few blasts he manages to dispatch the fighters and join the team on-board the Star Comet. Tiroth and Thunder engage pirates on the Star Comet, while Arclight shuts down the Star-drive meltdown.

Karma uses:

 1 Karma used by Thunder to smash her hammer through two groups of pirates!

1 Good Karma Gained for Arclight rescuing crew member.

1 Good Karma gained for Arclight stopping the Reactor from overloading.

But who won MVP for this intense session?


1st Place: GOFFICK

2nd Place: RICH


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