MVP: StarGuard – Issue #5 Sion – [24/09/17]

After defeating the Mecha Probe Bot the StargGuard continue to chase the Nano Flare Shuttle and find themselves in the middle of nowhere with a strange nebulae ahead. Venturing into the Nebulae their sensors go wild, and soon at its center they find a station.

Docking they are welcomed back by the strange aliens that live here, the station seems medical in nature. The team are confused and meet up with Dr Sion, who offers to help them.  The team listens intently to his tale of dark forces coming to the galaxy and that they are needed to powered up before facing such a threat. The team hungry to be juiced up with extra super powers agree to get into the machine. …

They wake up in the future in a capsule crashing through the atmosphere of a jungle world!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: CHAD

3rd Place: NoQUARTER

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