MVP: StarGuard – Issue #4 Ghosts in the Machine Part 1 – [12/09/17]

The Star Guard follow Sat beacon intelligence regarding the Nano Flare’s last jump points. The team finally arrive in the system 871-438.

They discover a Sat Beacon that has malfunctioned and a mining base on an Ice Planet nearby. Attempting to communicate with the planet is received with silence. Neon finished communicating with Jewel System Security regarding the pirate troubles.

The team fine tune their new ride, The Stella of Hope. Eventually the team decide to head down to the planet. Thalna concerned that the sensors detect life forms but not reply from the miners.

They arrive to be met with harsh environmental conditions. A freezing blizzard blocking their landing zone to the mining shelter. Thalna detects life in one of the storage containers.

Approaching the container, the team communicate with the occupants who seem reluctant to open the door, clearly frightened. Prophet keeps a force of psi energy around the team shielding them from the sub zero conditions. Mechy detects that the life support within the storage container is failing rapidly putting the miners at risk. Neon uses his Telepathy to communicate with the miners and eventually a rescue operation to get the Miners to the safety of the shuttle is underway.

The Miners tell a tale of some sort of machine that has taken over the base.

The Team reassure the Miners that they will deal with whatever menace is behind this…

1st Place: NOQUARTER

2nd Place: RICH

3rd Place: CHAD

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