MVP: Starguard _ Waystation 567

With the situation increasing in intensity in Waystation 567. With lives already lost, the Starguard was forced to act quickly. Engineering with the aid of Arclight managed to get The Enforcer moving again, just in time to evade one of the stations wreckage pieces. Whilst Thunder and Magnetism worked together to stop another piece from colliding with the security wreckage, saving lives in the process. Quantums quick thinking and the stations rapidly reducing life support, splits the team into tackling a multiple situations at once. Quantum using his force control rescues The security staff. Neon locates and telepathically communicates with other survivors gathering them for a safe evac. Arclight discovers a secret lab deep in the slums district of the station. Quantum, Thunder and Magnestism work together to rescue survivors. The whole team investigate the lab to find multiple pods with some sort of biological experiment commencing. The experiment appears to involve a substance called Chromotopes. …. Who won MVP?

Starguard Waystation 567


2nd Place: GOFFICK & CHAD

3rd Place: KOKOPELLI

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