MVP: Starfall The Intrepid Episode 35

Starfall: The Intrepid – The heroes are crew on board the Starship Intrepid. A newly commissioned craft with a newly commissioned crew of several hundred. Under the command of Captain Edari, the ship has been tasked to venture beyond the borders of Polarian Space to encounter new allies and warn the alliance of new enemies.

This is a Campaign Playtest series with the following cast:

The Cast

Captain Fang Edari

Tactician (Actor: Rich)

Race: Breegan

Skilled in Diplomacy, Tactics, A Variety of Ship Operations

Brief Background:

From the Breegan homeworld, Captain Edari was recently promoted after serving as the first officer on the PASN Astron.

Lieutenant Peridot

Enhancer (Actor: WAracolyte)

Race: Xarian

Doctor and robotics specialist.

Brief Background:

Joined the Intrepid as chief Medical Officer. She managed to pull strings to bring her sister Jadisin, who is dying of a rare Xarian erosion disease in the hopes to discover a cure beyond the borers of Alliance Space.

Specialist Bruuk

Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Felorian

Skilled in Felorian Guerilla warfare.

Brief Background:

Bruuk served in the Felorian Army on Felor before her Pride has been given the honour to be selected to join the Polarian Military.

Lt Juniour Jag

Defender (Actor: NoQuarter)

Race: Polarian

Engineering & Mechanical specialist.

Brief Background:

Serving under his former head of staff, and slightly abusive superior, Tokker, on a Xarian Mining with his good friend Tia. They all signed up to join the Intrepid. But the tides were turned and Jag was given a higher command than Tokker…

Specialist Kroom

Defender (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Kreen

Skilled in protection and stealth. Kroom is also incredibly observant.

Brief Background:

Kroom has served for many years as a heardmaster on the Kreen Mothership the Quercus, overseeing the Kreen Saplings. Now chosen to join the Intrepid and look for a new home for the Kreen after their forest world burned to ashes.

Act Commander Loev Covis

Agitator (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Polarian

Loev is a skilled interrogator and religious guide.

Brief Background:

Loev has been knighted within the order of the Galactic Light after serving for most of his life within the inquisition of the order on Theopolis. Now promoted to serve and guide the souls of those aboard the Intrepid.

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package. I want to say thank you to all Members for believing in and supporting GMD Online.

The solar flares began and the show was a spectacular sight to behold. For days the party enjoyed some downtime and spent some CDP and recovered.

Loev Covis was invited to a dinner with the other Polarian Captains aboard the Polarian Alliance Starbase, While the Intrepid was undergoing some much-needed repairs. Engaging in talks about the Intrepids Non-Polarian captain, Loev found himself defending his captain’s integrity against the strong views of the Polarians Captains.

Meanwhile, aboard the Aurian Sunrise, the away team enjoyed festivities with their Felor Host. Popkiss noticed a member of the party taking great interest in the Captain, communicating with Ensign Harris on the Intrepid, together they identified the individual as a wanted criminal known as Captain Av’ril for illegal salvage. She sent a robot called KR-416 to invite the captain to join her for a drink. Captain Fang, obliged and she explained that she needed his help to leave the system. She needed a security pass to leave the system and said it was a matter of great urgency. When Fang pressed to the topic of the matter, Av’ril became evasive and invited him to her quarters.

Leaving the Party to join her in her quarters, she explained, asking if had ever heard of Dark Tech. Fang had not. She continued to explain that she had found a salvage in uncharted space in the system, part of a trail she is following. Within the salvage, she located the Dark Tech which is extremely evil and dangerous. Fang tried to reason with her, saying that the Polarian Alliance will help, she just needs to turn herself in and the tech over to them.

Av’ril refused to cooperate, stating that the Polarians will try to use the tech, and it will then corrupt everything. She believes that the tech came from the dead worlds beyond the frontier. Her expert is slowly analyzing it and is hopeful to find a way to destroy it. Nothing they have tried has worked so far.

Meanwhile, Dr Peridot decided to take the cadets on a camping trip to a nearby forest moon. Taking her shuttle she headed out with the cadets.

The solar flares continued and were magnificent to behold as they started to reach their climax. But as everyone watched on, a rogue meteor appeared and was struck by one of the flares and exploded sending a shock wave and meteor storm across the system.

The shower destroyed the fleet of civilian ships watching the show, tearing apart the large Aurian Sunrise which plummeted down onto the nearby forest moon. Everyone on board tried to strap in and prevent themselves from being sucked out into space, but all went dark as they crashed onto the moon.

Meanwhile, the shower struck the shuttle which also crashed onto the moon. While the shower tore apart the starbase as the captains raced back to their ships in an attempt for an emergency evac.

Fang, Popkiss, Bruuke and Kroom all woke in the wreckage, slightly injured. Smoke hung everywhere and after some time they managed to make it out of the wreckage and locate each other. They did a quick survey of their surroundings seeing a shuttle crash into a nearby mountain range decided to make it towards the ship. But first, they wanted to locate survivors.

Peridot found that the shuttle hung dangerously on the edge of a cliff hundreds of meters above the rocky floor.

But they were not alone, the forest moon, was an illegal genetic experimental hunting ground for Aurian hunters…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH



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