MVP: Starfall The Intrepid Episode 16

Starfall: The Intrepid – The heroes are crew on board the Starship Intrepid. A newly commissioned craft with a newly commissioned crew of several hundred. Under the command of Captain Edari, the ship has been tasked to venture beyond the borders of Polarian Space to encounter new allies and warn the alliance of new enemies.

This is a Campaign Playtest series with the following cast:

The Cast

Captain Fang Edari

Tactician (Actor: Rich)

Race: Breegan

Skilled in Diplomacy, Tactics, A Variety of Ship Operations

Brief Background:

From the Breegan homeworld, Captain Edari was recently promoted after serving as the first officer on the PASN Astron.

Lieutenant Peridot

Enhancer (Actor: WAracolyte)

Race: Xarian

Doctor and robotics specialist.

Brief Background:

Joined the Intrepid as chief Medical Officer. She managed to pull strings to bring her sister Jadisin, who is dying of a rare Xarian erosion disease in the hopes to discover a cure beyond the borers of Alliance Space.

Corporal Bruuk

Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Felorian

Skilled in Felorian Guerilla warfare.

Brief Background:

Bruuk served in the Felorian Army on Felor before her Pride has been given the honour to be selected to join the Polarian Military.

Lt Juniour Jag

Defender (Actor: NoQuarter)

Race: Polarian

Engineering & Mechanical specialist.

Brief Background:

Serving under his former head of staff, and slightly abusive superior, Tokker, on a Xarian Mining with his good friend Tia. They all signed up to join the Intrepid. But the tides were turned and Jag was given a higher command than Tokker…

Specialist Kroom

Defender (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Kreen

Skilled in protection and stealth. Kroom is also incredibly observant.

Brief Background:

Kroom has served for many years as a heardmaster on the Kreen Mothership the Quercus, overseeing the Kreen Saplings. Now chosen to join the Intrepid and look for a new home for the Kreen after their forest world burned to ashes.

Knight Loev Covis

Agitator (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Polarian

Loev is a skilled interrogator and religious guide.

Brief Background:

Loev has been knighted within the order of the Galactic Light after serving for most of his life within the inquisition of the order on Theopolis. Now promoted to serve and guide the souls of those aboard the Intrepid.

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package. I want to say thank you to all Members for believing in and supporting GMD Online.

Diving across the table Covis managed to save Counsellor Elna-Zi head of the Lon Faction. Kroom released his spores covering everyone in the shimmering fields of spores just in time! The assassin’s shot barely missed the Counsellor’s daughter Vola-Zi.

Clever Narative of the Energy Shield Perk

I particularly like how Silver has incorporated his race and decided that it can release spores from his body to created a form of Energy Shield. It was different and imaginative and seems to becomoe a regular requirement now in all combat scenes! You cannot imagine Kroom without it!

The assassin then swooped down from his perch and made a run for it. The party gave chase along with Vola-Zi.

Racing through the crowded shopping district, they wove between the crowd, some citizens getting knocked aside during the pursuit! Unable to get a line of sight for fear of hitting a bystander, they decided to attempt to close the gap…

Taking a sharp right the assassin leaps from the walkway down onto a cargo transport facility. Enormous Hover cargo containers crisis crossing over a large expanse as they are loaded and unloaded from freighters into the station. The assassin weaved up and over, barrel rolling as he went. Vola-Zi spread her draconic wings and glided after him. The rest of the away team did not let up, leaping from the walkway onto containers. Kroom taller than the rest just reached out between and swung from container to container. While others relied on jumping. Captain Edari hard-wired a container and drove it across the transport lanes…

Snapping off a shot harmlessly ricocheting off of one of the transports. The assassin ducked down into one of the station’s back-alleys access tunnels. His wings useless here he wove his way through. Others did not feel so hindered and felt they were gaining on their quarry!

Entering an airlock and closing the door behind him as laser fire burned into the blast door behind him, he peered out through the airlock window and glared at them before activating his vac seal on his suit and glided out of the airlock and away…

New Pursuit Rules

We tested the new Pursuit rules an dthey proved to be exciting and quick. Some changes needing to be done but only very minor.

Meanwhile on the ship Lt Peridot tends to Bruuks wounds and attempts to deal with her as the effects of Pin’tac set in. Meanwhile, Ensign Harris is still in a deep depression, Peridot speaks to her offering her services to help her get back to her duties, but Ensign Harris’s condition worsens. Peridot adds an entry into her private journal that she will take full responsibility for Alicia Harri’s condition and will do all in her power to bring back the old bubbly Ensign Harris.

Back on Starbase 6 in the Zar-Gor System in Laz-Zar Space Captain Edari and his team are praised by Counsellor Elna-Zi who pleads with him to take her daughter with him. He agrees and offers assistance in tracking down the assassin. The Counsellor says that her security detail is already on it. She also explains that she will never forget that the Polarian Alliance Star Navy saved her life.

The away team prepare to leave…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: silvereagle


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