MVP: Star Guard – Issue #3a Wreckers [5th September 2017]

The group has a session to gather and organised all the intel and upgrade their shuttle to a Frigate.
NEON locates the Crimson Sabre — Discovered the Sabre in the GRANT system, then contacts and organised with the Jewel Security forces to deal with the pirates so that the team can continue to pursue Dr Sion.
PROPHET: Investigate Scar and the pirates target vessels names etc. he learns that the pirates targeted a vessel called ‘The Galactic Jewel’ a high Society Passenger Liner heading to Lysen. He also discovered that Scar is a notorious Pirate wanted throughout the region for murder, Piracy Assaults, Robbery Burglary, etc… He leads a fleet of pirates known as the wreckers. The flag ship of the Wreckers is the Crimson Sabre a Battle Carrier, old Polarian Stellar class. But the pirate fleet also have several cruisers and even a battle cruiser the Galactic Spear. He contacts one of the passengers and is taken out to dinner winning her favor who in return supplies the team with a fresh of the line ship ‘The Stella of Hope’ to assist the Star Guard against any future threats. She becomes Prophets lover and benefactor.
Thunder boarded and searches a number of target vessels with the help of Blink. She finds a comm link dropped by a Pirate. Mechy sets it up to act as a locator. Neon sends the intel to the Jewel Security forces.
Thalana organised and cares for the injured victims. she attends to them at the infirmary on Lysen that has adequate facilities.
MECHY: Connects the tracer and locates the Sabre… The Sabre is currently in the Grant System…

With all the pirate details handed over to the local system security forces the Star Guard pursue their target…

1st Place: NOQUARTER

2nd Place: CHAD


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