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MVP: Star Guard Feb 28th 2017






Searching the burnt out shuttle for supplies the team decide to investigate the ruined cabin. Discovering that it was a Star Guard Observation post. The team soon find drag marks showing someone was dragged out of the cabin and taken off into the woods, after reading a document stating that the occupier felt that they were discovered by the natives. The team watch as a Star Guard shuttle lands by the crash site of their escape capsule, responding to the distress beacon Mechy had set up.

On arrival at the shuttle site. A squad of Star Guard Police Bots exit the shuttle.. Thunder recognises them as looking like Subject 875. Shouting out to him one of the bots eyes change colour and Subjects 875’s voice echoes through the clearing. Commanding the bots to retrieve the escapees dead or alive. A Battle ensues. The heroes capture the shuttle disabling the tracking system. then head back to retrieve the unconscious bodies of Cannon and Guardian. To find them gone…

starguard 28th FEB 17

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: NoQUARTER


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