MVP: Star Guard Feb 21st 2017





The team wake up to find themselves plummeting and crash land on an unknown planet!
Confused dazed, The heroes look about and soon learn they are in an escape capsule. A Star Guard Enforcer one at that. Everything seems off…

Wounded and suffering from pain, the heroes gather up what little supplies can be scrounged and take stock… They soon find that down their spines are surgical holes…

Finding themselves on a jungle world of colossal proportions. Prophet recognizes the world as Leviathan.

heading into the jungle, they soon become aware of being hunted… Finding a crash site of a Star Guard shuttle they are chased by reptilian beasts and barricade themselves in the burnt out shuttle.

Examining the shuttle they soon find a b body in the medical bay, To Thunders horror it is M’Krell.

Neon soon discovers Magnetism who breathes his last breath saying ‘We shouldn’t of put it together’ Then dies…

starguard 21st FEB 17

1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: RICH


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