MVP: Star Guard 24th Jan ’17




With the team splitting up to head off to investigate several leads at once…

  • Thunder and Mechy take the injured Magnestism and Tiroth back towards the Enforcer only to find themselves piloting for their lives to avoid a collision with multiple vessels that have been caught in some sort of interdiction field.
  • Blink follows leads on a mysterious trail only to find himself having liver a suspicious package for Tenri.
  • Thalna and Guardian journey to Illyana II and start their investigations with the director of the medical facilities. They learn that Dr Sion was struck off by Galactic Law for modification experiments on DNA.
  • Neon and Prophet return to Waystation 567 to locate teh La-zar delegate and a missing member of Star guard. To find a few clues to what has happened and also un-cover further clues to an explosive device. Then the alerts warn them of a vessel approaching the restricted area.
  • Quantum is informed by his wife M’krell that she is with child. She also asks him to escort her to broker a deal with the enemy and sue for peace…
  • Cannon wakes in an unknown location in the debris of the station. Carrying the injured delegate on his back. Only to find they are not alone.


starguard 24th jan17

1st Place: GOFFICK

2nd Place: CHAD

3RD Place: STU

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