MVP: Star Guard 23rd May 2017

With the approaching search patrol the Star Guard were close to being discovered. Making a brash decision Mechy programs the shuttle for an auto pilot jump sequence to lead Subject 875’s fleet on a wild goose chase. Then free falling towards the Mining station that was hidden away within the Ice Field.

The team managed to avoid impact [Mostly] from orbiting ice-roids. Only to find several assault shuttles being launched from the Enforcer to head straight to the Mining Station.

Searching the station evidence that a massacre took place here become apparent. They soon discover a strange device in the engineering bay as well as several dead members of the Star Guard.

Suddenly Police Bots erupt into the engineering bay and the team manage to get the device and activate it…

Suddenly finding themselves back in time at point of activating Subject 875.. .Blink rushes forward to destroy him…

But Subject 875 says ‘Master, you have re-activated me.. I’m glad they tried to destroy me but I have seen the end of the galaxy it is almost here…’

The team bundle an over-eager Blink

1st Place: STU

2nd Place: RICH


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