MVP: Star Guard 14th March 2017




Mechy takes the lead tracking for their missing team members. But the team are surrounded and attacked by raptors. Blink performs some piss poor piloting that a blind untrained monkey would be embarrassed of. With the help from Thunder both Blink and Thunder manage to save the shuttle from total destruction. But severe repairs is needed to fix it. Finally defeating the raptors… Mainly to prophets awesome marksmanship skills the team managed win!

Finally arriving at a village in a swampy region of the jungle. The party decide to negotiate with the lizard like beings that live there. With Thalna and Neon at the head of the diplomatic stance.. they soon find themselves locked up in a cage where they find Cannon and Guardian still unconscious.

starguard 14th MAR 17

1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: RICH

3RD Place: CHAD

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