MVP: Staguard – 10th Jan ’17


Defeating the pirate Galon and his minions… [Now that we are using Savage Worlds!] The mysterious female in the shadows escapes arrest. The Star Guard get to work searching for clues and a cure. Thalna and Thunder find ingredients that they believe they could create a cure with.

The team find a large supply of medical equipment and some blasters. Taking notes for further investigations on the origin of these items, while Mechy finds a strange robotic arm with a note regarding blueprints.

Security Chief Shazzor arrives to assist with transport of the stolen goods. Transporting the much needed Medical supplies to the Hospital and the prisoners to the detention cells.

Thalna & Thunder heads to the hospital to start preparation of creating a cure.

The rest of team meet with Governess Estell who after much persuading agrees to assist the Star Guard in their investigations.

Suddenly a claxon wails across the city of Troban. Announcing the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Ragers!

starguard 10th jan17

1st Place: STU

2nd Place: KOKOPELLI


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