MVP: Rebel Scum Issue 8


Boarding the Damaged Vector, they find it without power, blood splattered everywhere, no signs of life. Many of the corridors had blast doors sealed. But to have them randomly sealed would have required someone to purposely seal them this way. They locate a medical droid in the med bay while 390 and 945 crawl through the vents to get to engineering. Finding that there are many containers of a strange bio substance, they start to take them to the freighter, yet there are too many to get them all on the freighter… Power restored to the vessel, and suddenly Feeku warns of another vessel that has docked… The coms goes dead. The troopers are ambushed on their way to the ship. A firefight breaks out between scavengers and the Empire!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: CHAD

3rd Place: HREFN

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