MVP: Rebel Scum Issue 6


The Imperial troops wanting to gain access to the Barrakuda Club to learn of White Star, They are seeking Kada Jahr. They accept the mission to deal with the Bax Clan members that are giving their informant, Vor Brak, some heat… Dressed as bounty hunters they deal with the clan efficiently as is expected from Imperial Troops. AS agreed Vor escorts the Imperials into the restricted sector of Tereb Station in Gos Hutta System…  Passing the Gamorean Guards they make their way to the Barrakuda.  Meeting with the Chief of security Kada Jahr, A Devorian female, she tells them there is a prisoner in the dungeons who owes gambling debts has been talking about some kind of imperial weapon and that someone came asking about the same thing and White Star. she knows nothing about White Star but Zipola the Hutt will speak with them about it, Kada then goes to secure an audience with his excellency. The team in the meantime enjoy the club… While DK-945 [Bounty Hunter named: Ace] gambles Feeku and his ship for information from Kussis the Bothan. Winning the game of Sabac, DK-945 gains intel of an armoured transport heavily guarded by some unknown military force, and an enemy!

The team is then called before Zipola, His protocol droid C1-4W translates for him … They learn that a group, he believes to be highly trained military, possibly rebels or imperial spies. They gain very little knowledge, Zipola seems to take a dislike to them and orders them away and off the station.

They convince Kada to let them see the prisoner… She escorts them to see LT Anders an Imperial Agent. Who seems to have gone quite mad in his isolation.. he seems fearful and terrified concerned that he must report to his contact… Says there is a data-chip hidden in the air vent.. They must find it and inform his contact that he has failed and to provide the code: ID I71A… When asked about White Star Anders tells them a woman came in the other day asking about it and beat him to an inch of his life…

The party rush to the Maris Dia Hotel and into room 554.. They find the data chip and activate it. The holo-image of Darth Vader fills the room waiting for the code and mission report…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: HREFN

3rd Place: SPIKE

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